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Cancellation policy: We want to serve as many clients as we can, so please cancel your appointment if you’re sure it’s no longer necessary 24 hours prior to its scheduled time. Not cancelling your appointment or late cancellations will be considered as a session has been used.

Find out how BodyTalk can help with improving your wellbeing

Every Saturay from 11am to 3pm.

Are you feeling stuck with stress?
Are you in pain?
Are you feeling tired, sluggish and toxic?
Are your muscles and joints tight?
Experience relief with BodyTalk by Cynthia.for free consult, mini session and full session.

Consultation for 15 minutes is free. Mini session for 20-30 minutes is at 
$40, offered to new clients only. Regular session is an hour long for $89

Book your appointment by sending us an email at with your name and phone number.

Cynthia Syjueco Certified BodyTalk Practitioner 
Alternative & Holistic Health Service • Waterloo, Ontario 

Are you stressed and feeling its ill effects? My passion is to help you deal with stress to feel physically & emotionally better. Cynthia's website.