Heather B. on May 7, 2019.
Ewa was very friendly and took time to explain salt therapy to us. It was an enjoyable experience and we will be back! Milad k. on May 7, 2019. 

One 45-Minute Salt Cave Session with 10-Minute Electromagnetic Field It was a really great experience and the customer service was amazing I will definitely recommend this to everyone And you will never regret. 

Martha C. on Apr 23, 2019.
There are a few neat add on therapies you can try out. The salt room has reclining chairs that are very relaxing. I fell asleep. 

Pattie B. on Apr 18, 2019.
Ewa fit me into a time slot that I asked for very quickly. She is very gracious and accommodating and goes OVER and above to make my time at the Oasis of Healing wonderful. 

Teresa W. on Apr 16, 2019.
Experience was awesome. The owner was very knowledgeable and pleasant. 

Dawn D. on Apr 14, 2019.
Need to book weeks in advance, access to a calendar before purchasing groupon would have been helpful. Once there the service and experience was excellent. 

Nancy S. on Apr 7, 2019.
Ewa knows her stuff. She has years of experience and is a kind and gentle woman. She explained every part of our treatments always with a smile. The Salt Room was clean and spacious and the lighting and music were very peaceful. I am a large size woman and the zero gravity chairs were very comfortable for me. My friend and I will return. 

Elena A. on Mar 27, 2019.
New for me, unique , interesting and helpful. Joanne M. on Mar 11, 2019. The staff were very informative and friendly. It was a great experience and I felt great after. 

Heather S. on Feb 16, 2019.
So relaxing! And after pneumonia and a cold this winter, it's nice to feel comfortable breathing again!! Neta G. on Jan 18, 2019. The salt room was beautiful and the service was good- I would go again. L V. on Jan 11, 2019. Lovely place, very interesting, great host, a little outdated but loved the salt cave! 

Mary G. on Jan 10, 2019.
Ewa was very welcoming. She assisted to get some toys for my grandson and a blanket if needed. She explained some of the other services at the Spa. I will go back and like that the multi pack of sessions can be shared. A real bonus.  

Katherine D. on Jan 4, 2019.
The owner was fabulous and knowledgeable. The experience was relaxing and unique. Thank you. 

Jennifer D. on Dec 15, 2018.
Lovely experience! Very easy to book via email. A comfortable, relaxing atmosphere and convenient location. We both felt very relaxed after our session. 

Sandra. August 21, 2011.
Truly a magical space offering not only outstanding services but Love, Nurturing and Peace. All in the fabulous Salt Cave environment that magnifies healing at all levels...Loved it! 

Colette. August 12, 2011.
(5)Healings at Oasis of Healing Spa - a blessing If you visit Ewa for a Reflexology session, you will find her healing hands masterful and her skills exemplary. She was instrumental in my healing of abdominal problems and was very accurate when she indicated that there might be some areas of concern - an ultrasound proved her correct. While Ewa does not diagnose or suggest a condition, she intuitively finds areas that are problematic - often you are unaware yourself where or why that might be, but she is helpful in providing support and healing with a most caring attitude. I just drifted away into a world filled with beauty while on her healing table - I can never thank her enough! 

Anne-Marie Breau-Norris recommends Oasis of Healing Spa with Salt Rooms. April 22 •2019.
AMAZING reflexology treatment in a beautiful Salt Room. 

Kathy Hirn recommends Oasis of Healing Spa with Salt Rooms. November 4, 2018.
Ewa is wonderful she has a lot of knowledge to share. The salt room is beautiful and as soon as you walk into the shop you feel better. 

Brooke Dohms reviewed Oasis of Healing Spa with Salt Rooms — 5 stars. July 7, 2016.
Loved the salt room and my reflexology treatment! Ewa is amazing!! :) we will be back. 

Franci Guarany recommends Oasis of Healing Spa with Salt Rooms. August 9. 2019.
Ewa has magic hands! She did a great job on me! Thank you so much Ewa I’m now a pain free!! Looking forward for the next appointment. 

Annette Parker The reflexology in the salt room was so relaxing. Very therapeutic more so than relaxing. Ewa is extremely knowledgeable in what she does. Being a reflexologist myself, i highly recommend Ewa and her services. 

Bruce H I have been attending this centre for some time now and love it.. The spa offers quite a lot of quality services from reflexology and professional massage therapy to yoga and meditation. Ewa offers reflexology in a therapeutic salt room environment. Ewa is a skillful healer and a caring person. I highly recommend the Oasis of Healing With Salt Room Spa to anyone serious about wellness. Thank you Ewa. 

Michaela Roder What amazing people ! Ive got health issues and struggle alot..Ewa is a sweatheart / angel..

Karen and Salem and Borjana are empathetic kind helpful and understanding .A beautiful warm loving atmosphere and you meet the kindest people.its like an exstended family with lots of love. Every time I'm in the salt room, it takes me to a magical place. Last year I did not get sick once ... I think it might have been because I used their salt room every week:) The owner takes much care in making sure you have a pleasant and fulfilling experience. Being in their salt room is an enchanting experience which takes my meditation to a much deeper place.
- Kinga. B.

This is an amazing new and natural therapy for people like me who have been suffering forever from allergies and chronic sinusitis. Just few sessions cleared my earache and sinuses"
- Patricia A. 

I feel that my six sessions at the Healing Oasis completely rejuvenated me and kick-started my body into healing and weight-loss. The most amazing result was reduction in the appearance of spider veins on my legs. I have had them for over five years from a skiing accident with no change but by the end of my time with the spa, they were noticeably fewer.
- Anna R.P. 

I'm not exaggerating when I say that BodyTalk changed my life. It wasn't because the circumstances around me had changed, but rather I felt my perspective about the world did. And that made me feel more at peace and better at handling the ups and downs more so than I ever had in the past few months."
- Justine 

When I first picked up the phone several years ago and called Oasis of Healing for a reflexology and aromatherapy appointment, little did I know that together we were setting out on a journey that would gradually transform my life. With the expert touch, most of the tension in my body was released. Through conversation that was both caring and patient, we worked our way past a lot more, too, and I was able to move forward with my life’s program. Keep up the wonderful work!
- Karen B. 

Hi. My legs are so much better !! I had a great sleep too ...so thank you so much for the wonderful treatment .....like you always give. !!
- Linda 

I’m so grateful to have met you, my treatment has been very beneficial and my foot is doing much better! I will be in touch with you soon to make another appointment. 
- Doreen 

It has been difficult to watch our son cough for 6 months and not being able to find a remedy. We were relieved when Halotherapy finally brought the desired results for him. We find that each treatment at the Spa not only brings about cough relief but also results in an inner calm. We have also received suggestions for complementary therapies and remedies. My son always looks forward to his next visit remembering all the fun he has had with the 'magical' fountain and in the children's salt therapy room.
- A.H.C.