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Salt Room Guidelines: For every participant's of the salt room session comfort and wellbeing.

PEMF - The 5th Element of Health VIDEO (Part 1) Excellent 3 video series by Author Bryant Meyers that summarizes the information in his book "PEMF - The 5th Element of Health". Discover What PEMF Therapy is, how it works, why you need it, and the many benefits it provides. You learn that the Earth's natural PEMF is an essential element just like food, water, sunlight and oxygen. I'll also reveal the shocking 2-fold problem on planet earth is revealed and you will understand why the Earth's PEMFs and a PEMF therapy device is the solution to this problem. Finally, I will tell you what to look for in a PEMF therapy device.

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This video explains in the most basic form the mechanism of action of Halotherapy or Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy. Halotherapy is performed in a specially designed salt rooms equipped with Dry Salt Aerosol Generator - Halogenerator. Information in this video is based on scientifical studies that have been conducted in Russia for over 20 years. Halotheray is used in Russian hospitals as a medical treatment of respiratory conditions.

European Salt Mines converted to Healing Oasis Resorts.