Feel confident in who and what you've come here to communicate - the new paradigm shift for business!

Express your Authentic Soul Self in your Healing Business plus receive accountability & support to stay on track as you build a solid coaching offer, while

helping others from anywhere in the world.

Does a business helping people with emotional regulation tools interest you?

Do you currently have a healing or coaching business and feel numb or uninspired?

Do you want to feel deeply connected to your transformational offerings?

Do you want to feel nurtured as you grow in developing your business?

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Welcome to

Own Your Lane

Own Your Lane Coaching Business Training & Support is all about YOU!

About you, in your own way, on your own time

Create your coaching offer tailored to you and your skills (past jobs, intuitive abilities, courses, modalities, even as a parent!)

Created offers based on your capacity (1:1, group, workshops, retreats)

Connect to your ideal soul clients using your numerology, birthchart info, and German New Medicine.

Help clients learn to read their own body language and develop better emotional regulation skills.
You’ll learn how to hold space for someone while they process the things they want to move through or expand into. 
How to muscle test, read the body (GNM), offer suggestions on how to move through emotions with

the Emotional ladder and the Stop, Drop n' Roll methodology training.

We'll also take it one step further and help you market your Authentic Soul Business Offer

as a practitioner or coach in our Oasis of Healing Community App!

What Own Your Lane Includes:

  • Initial Consultation call with Christine Cardoza (online or in person at our Waterloo spa)

  • A Workbook to track your business foundation ideas & progress as a way to stay accountable

  • Personalized Numerology, Playing Cards, True sky Astrology, & Quantum Human Design Chart Reading recording

  • German New Medicine core conflict you can help clients with specifically based on your birthchart info!

  • Includes German New Medicine resources to help your clients find their core subconscious root

  • Mondays at 2:00 pm - Group Call- Soul Aligned Business Q & A for Oasis Authentic Soul Community members

  • Mondays at 7:00 pm - Group Call- Own Your Lane Training for App practitioners

  • Tuesdays 7:00 pm - Group Call - Intimacy (into-me-see) w/Authentic Soul Community members

  • Private Practitioner Telegram Group for community and support for you or your client questions

  • Bonus: Body map from German New Medicine Emotional body and inner conflict resolution ($1,500 value)

  • Bonus: Chakra Healing workbook for inner healing

  • Use our chakra course, Tissue salt, Human Design & GMN body graphic or other App content as inspiration or a base for your offers

This is a 4-Month Program with 3 Main Stages of Support:

1. Your own inner support & expansion 

2. Create your own unique modality methodology 

3. Business support & how to, while you grow your coaching business

Over 4 months we will explore:

Month 1:

All about that Base - YOU!

You will explore:
Who are you, who you can help, your visions, and clear limiting beliefs/fears

Numerology, Egyptian Playing Cards, True Sky Astrology chart, Quantum Human Design birthchart

German New Medicine connection worksheet

Emotional Ladder Video + Stop, Drop, n Roll methodology for moving through triggers

Mind map on your natural skills and what you want to help others with

Getting clear on what you want to be known for - what your legacy is

Month 2:
Your Custom Client Methodology

We will explore:
Your Intuitive Vision

Your Ideal Client

Your Obvious Offer

Create Magnetic Messaging

Writing your bio and your 12 week course outline

Building your coaching offer using chakras, boundaries, or your own ideas

Client practice sessions with your peers

Other content ideas that speak directly to your potential clients

Practice podcast guesting interview with Christine Cardoza

Month 3:
Location, Location, Location - How clients find you

We will dive into:

Creating the interest ladder timeline from start to paid coaching client - no website needed

Worksheet - Social media community, email list training, podcast guest contact info

Creating or updating your business card / flyer

Creating Clear visibility on your Social Media Platform and Linktree link

Social Media audits & incorporating any other products you market

Recording your informational video on what you do and why

Month 4:
Client Enrollment and Processes

We will explore:

Adding your clear Bio and Offers in the app

What to do after a client says yes -onboarding processes

Client practice sessions with your peers

Teach within the Inner Harmony or Naked Alchemy courses

Workbook on Inner Healing tools, GNM main conflicts and Tissue Salts

Perks of the Own Your Lane Community:

Interdependence - a mix of being your own coaching contractor coupled with our business support system team.

Clients can book sessions or courses with you in the Oasis of Healing App (80% you / 20% Oasis App split) - App will be completed spring 2024

Private Practitioner Group in Telegram to ask questions, feel supported and build community with our coaching team

Working as your own contractor, in a supportive & expansive group, so that you will always feel supported

expand your frequency of possibilities knowing that you're not alone

What our current coaches are saying:

Thank you for helping me bring the vision that I have had in my head out into real form. - Coach A - Maine

I appreciate all your advice on organizing the pieces I already had. It feels good to be organized - Coach S - Toronto

I'm so grateful to have a community of others and to feel like I am creating a new future - Coach B - Kentucky

I'm starting to see the different ways that I can support others and that feels good. Coach I - Cambridge

Thank you for showing me ways that I can use my current skills and passions to help others. Coach G - Cambridge

Building my offers feels so good. My business and my soul are being tended to at the same time! Coach T - Waterloo

Are you ready to create your soul aligned coaching business?

  • About you, in your own way, on your own time

  • Create your offer tailored to you and your skills (past jobs, intuitive abilities, courses, modalities, even as a parent!)

  • Create offers based on your capacity (1:1 coaching, group coaching, workshops, retreats,etc.)

  • Connect to your Ideal Soul Clients using your Quantum Human Design and German New Medicine

  • Help clients learn to read their own body language and develop better emotional regulation skills.

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