Are you a trailblazer who is completely burnt out and worn down, trying to run a business that just isn’t lighting you up anymore?

Are you exhausted from the last 4 years of being in survival mode?

Are you ready to come home to yourself,

to who you are at your core, so that you can

run your business with

more ease and flow

Re-align and receive support & nourishment.

Know yourself on a deeper level

We'll nurture you while you nurture others

Lead from your connected Soul Self

Never self doubt why you're here again

Make confident decisions from your birthchart

placements and watch your magnetic energy turn heads

Oasis of Healing Spa Salt Room Salt Cave Photo

The Real Royal You

is high-level, soul nourishing, support for intuitive leaders,

& neurodivergent entrepreneurs, who want to feel

nourished and cared for

energetically & emotionally 

This a place to feel held & heard and have your passion re-ignited

In this space you will learn how to tap into your inner aligned self.

With your body, mind & spirit in harmony, you will continually create sustainable joy.

Welcome to

The Real Royal You

Inner You

(Personal Self Discovery)

You are your best healer and guide.

We'll teach you tools on how to read your own emotions, intuition, numerology, and soul's path. Learn what your body is telling you through the Subconscious.

You will learn how to read your birthchart, purpose, and soul path.

When you learn how to rule your inner waters, you won't seek outside validation.

Clear codependency or avoidant patterns by accessing safety in your body, in any situation.

How to feel empowered from within by learning how to read what your body is saying.

The body only knows healing or adapting to your environment.

How to move out of Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn (people pleaser)

or F**k patterns (using sex or substance as a coping method)

Connect to your sensual body to read your intuitive messages on a deeper level

Outer You

(Soul Biz Clarity)

Show up with a stronger sense of self, boundaries, and reading the energy of others

Create inner energy and strength when connected to your authentic soul self

Feel empowered to not take on all the responsibility

How to feel safe in your body to ask for what you want with clarity

Uplevel your relationship language

Edge your boundaries and ways of communicating in ways that bring inner thrills, chills, and magnetic ”Yes!” responses.

Replace stress with more joy and excitement in your unique way

We'll mirror your strengths and the vital skills you bring to others.

Feel connected to a purpose driven, transformational community of leaders

You are a vital and cosmic expression of the Divine

Embrace Your Natural Cycles & Seasons

The body only knows healing or adapting to an uncomfortable environment.

We look at all of you! Physical, mental, emotional, energy, and environment

Learn to read and use your own birth chart, energetic body & symptom body language (German New Medicine)

Connect to your natural cycles. Feel whole and rejuvenized from the inside out

Inner Spring / As Above / Masculine - More Action or Play

Inner Summer / As Above / Masculine - More Action or Play

Inner Autumn / So Below / Feminine - More Introspection

Inner Winter / So Below / Feminine - More Rest for Intuition

90 day RESET each season to integrate your natural cycles and trusting your intuitive messages - All the time!

1 year to dis-cover your Authentic Soul Self with expanded language that you can use to express yourself more clearly and effectively

Create better self nurturing habits based on your energy type and cycles, knowing when to rest and when to be in action

Harmonizing your Masculine/Feminine energy patterns with your regulated hormones (goodbye manic/depressive cycles!)

Once you calm the nervous system, you will have more energy & intuition!

As a special bonus, we'll create a hard cover book,

created for, and all about you!

12 Birth info readings in one personalized book

A book to inspire your next family & business decisions based on your

Numerology cycles, Birth chart, Human Design,

with personalized information you can use for years to come!

You'll know when to create momentum and when to rest (guilt-free!)

The Real Royal You Program Includes:

A Book All About YOU!

A beautiful personalized coffee table book with 12 different types of birth chart readings

This can be used to plan out your year or set aligned intentions for new moons, etc

Numerology year charts so that you know what themes to expect - your positive & shadow elements

Learn how to read your own True Sky placements (Tel-scope) and

elements (this matters!)

~ As Above, So Below ~

~ As With In, So With Out ~

**Includes a Boudoir photo shoot with a local photographer

to remind you of your power, prowess, & inner beauty **

OOOOOh la la!

Weekly Support Calls in Community:


7:00pm EST

Group In-To-Me-See Call

Intimacy & Communication

Bedroom Communication skill practice

(Sacral energy re-alignment)


1:00pm EST

The Real Royal You Member Bi-Weekly Call

Nurturing your Body's Language via German New Medicine (GNM)

A space to feel nurtured and supported based on what your body is saying.


Monthly 1:1 Call

Personal call with Christine for however you want to be supported or inspired

Tools we utilize in the

The Real Royal You Program:

Frequency Sound Healing

Intuition & Instinct Tools

Creation Moon Cycles

German New Medicine

Cosmic Human Design

Numerology / Cards

Quantum Energy Tools

Healing Chakra System

Breathwork & Boundaries

Tantra & Playfully Taming Triggers

Naked Alchemy Relationship Skills

A fun SELF discovery year with tools to share with your sacred community,

observe & clear any anxious or avoidant patterns from past conditioning, feeling nurtured and cared for, not feeling alone,

feeling sure of yourself, new ways of expressing yourself and asking for your needs, expanded and confident from the inside out

About Me: Christine Cardoza

I am an Intuitive Business Coach & Sacral Energy Alchemist.

As an intuitive problem solver, visionary and channel, my team and I read what your body is saying, discover what is in your sacral chakra (sexual organs) for business or new ideas, heal any generational trauma, uncover what your soul may be here to create or experience, and ways to bring you more bliss or pleasure. We are our own best healers and when we learn how to access our own conscious energy, we feel good from the inside out, and are unstoppable.

I have been a helper & fixer my whole life. I love helping people end any emotional pain or confusion to connect to the soul self, especially if you've been in therapy or 'healing' a long time.

As a guide and visionary, I help you get really clear on your conscious awareness path and remove any emotional or energetic weeds so that you can align with your authentic passion or vision. In a session, we work together in the emotional and energetic body.


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Opening March 19, 2024

2 Seasons: $7,000.00 CAD

4 Seasons: $12,000.00 CAD

Payment Plan: $1,000.00 CAD per month

Are you ready

to sink into being seen, held, nurtured

& re-ignited?

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We tried a salt room with my husband and my son for the first time and we absolutely loved it. Christine the owner is such a wonderful caring person. You feel like you’re with a friend. She is very knowledgeable, helpful and caring.

When speaking with Christine, our adult son opened up in ways we hadn't seen before.


My husband and I signed up coaching with Christine after reaching a point where we had lost confidence in ourselves, our relationship, and our future.

Christine helped us discover new ways of understanding ourselves, our relationship and our goals as we moved through major life shifts. She helped us find and explore our passion, our belief in ourselves, and how to compassionately re-envision our relationship in all of its strengths (and flaws). It has been an amazing six month voyage that I would wholeheartedly recommend.


I did a birth chart reading with Christine and it was super cool! Very informative as to who I am and how I fit into this world. Christine did an amazing job of interpreting my chart for me and we had an awesome video call where she really took the time to help me understand what some of the parts meant for me and how I can reframe my mind to get rid of bad energies, and help move forward clearly towards my ultimate purpose!

Thank you very much Christine! Totally recommend!


What a beautiful experience and the salt rooms are so peaceful. We did a Couple's Human Design reading with Christine and learned a lot about each other and ourselves. We took home great notes and recorded the session so that we could take it home and listen to it. I really think the session will help us dissolve some of the self-doubt we've been struggling with in our careers and it was a really relaxing experience as a couple to spend time in the Salt room. We look forward to going back and treating ourselves to a sound bath or massage.